ROCK Fall 2018-2019 Travel Team Tryouts

All ROCK Tryouts are located at:
 Helen Randle Park, 236 Swamp Road, Newtown, PA 18940
 ** Weather delays will be posted @rockfastpitch on Twitter **

The Rock travel softball program is designed for the athlete who will play and train at the highest level.
We are dedicated to helping players develop skills, confidence, character, leadership, and
to set their goals high so that they can become our “women of tomorrow.” 

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Official Rock Softball tryout dates:

· Tuesday, July 17 from 6-8:30pm (12U) 
· Thursday, July 19 from 6-8:30pm (12U,14U,16U,18U
Saturday, July 21 from 9-11:30am (12U)
· Sunday, July 22 from 4-6:30pm (16U
Wednesday, July 25 from 6-8:30 (12U)
· Saturday, July 28 from 2-4:30pm (12U)
· Monday, July 30 from 6-8:30pm (14U,16U) 
· Wednesday, August 1 from 6-8:30pm (8U, 10U, 12U & 14U) 
· Thursday, August 2 from 6-8:30pm (16U & 18U)
· Saturday, August 4 from 8-10am (8U, 10U, 12U & 14U) / from 10am-12:30pm (16u & 18U)
· Sunday, August 5 from 8-10am (8U, 10U, 12U & 14U) / from 10am-12:30pm (16u & 18U)

Players are encouraged to attend as many dates as possible. 
Players will be broken up into specific age groups and tryouts will be held on different fields at Helen Randle Park.

Pre-register for Tryouts HERE

23U – Plays selected dates and doubleheaders in June & July
Coaches: J. Garvey & B. Rounsavill

18U Gold
– The Newtown Rock 18U Gold team
Coaches: J. Garvey, D. Santelli, G. Castellucci & B. Rounsavill

18U Seiple
– 18U eligible players playing in college showcases
Coach: T. Seiple

18U Baker
– Juniors & Seniors playing in college showcases
Coaches: M. Baker & C. Cyliax Coach/Trainer: Ashlee Hutchins

16U Futures – Freshmen & Sophomores playing a national college showcase schedule
Coach: D. Myers / Training: J. Garvey, Dan Santelli

16U – Freshmen & Sophomores playing a college showcase schedule
Coaches: M. Flagler

14U Premier National – 2nd year 14u players playing a national schedule
Coaches: D. Delhoyo, E. Swayhoover, C. Raschitore

14U Davis2nd year 14U players
Coaches: B. Davis, B.Gordon, J. Turchi, P. Shields & D. Crozier

14U Haviken
Coaches: G. Haviken, R. Kiskurno, L. Mancini

14U – 1st year 14u players
Coach: TBD

14U Banshees / Rock Futures– 1st year 14u players
Coach: Ryan York

12U National – 1st year and 2nd year 12u players
Coach: Bill Giampolo

12U – 1st year and 2nd year 12u players
Coaches: Angelo DiSipio

12U Banshees / Rock Futures – 1st year and 2nd year 12u players Coach: Phil Beal

11U – Play 10U in Fall Coaches: Tom Seiple, Dan Schram

10U – Paly 8U in Fall
Coach: Dave Bodick

For more information about the Newtown Rock Travel Softball organization or directions to Helen Randle Park please visit our website: